From Kelly

From Kelly

As we near the end of a long campaign season, I wanted to take a moment to share a few personal reflections about my husband for voters who are being introduced to him for the first time. After 17 years of marriage, I know Mike Johnson better than anyone, and I want the wonderful people of Louisiana’s Fourth Congressional District to be absolutely assured there is no one who will be a more dedicated and effective servant for all of us.

What many people DO know about my husband is that he is a very uniquely qualified candidate. His resume is unmatched. As a leading constitutional law attorney who has spent the past two decades on the front lines of the culture, he’s fought tirelessly and won many landmark court battles for the Constitution, faith, family and freedom. He’s led with that same integrity and dedication in the Louisiana Legislature since he took office there 21 months ago. In its lengthy profile piece on Mike last year, The New Orleans Times-Picayune described him as an unusual public figure who is both highly effective and universally respected by people across the political spectrum. The article’s headline labeled him the conservatives’ “Superman.” : )

a430fd_376878bef1b04cb1abe1dd5783a982cf.jpgIt’s one thing for the public to evaluate a candidate’s bio and accomplishments, and we certainly should. However, I think it’s even more important for all of us to consider the true character of every candidate: what their core values are, what motivates them, and who they are privately, behind the scenes, and with their family and those who know them best. I’ve learned in life if you want to know the true character of a man, the best person to consult is his wife.

From this wife’s perspective, I cannot imagine a man better suited and prepared to help get our country back on the right track than Mike. I think he is the best equipped, with the intellect, specific skills, and unparalleled experience, to fix what is wrong in Washington. Anyone who reviews his unmatched resume (see our website), will come to the same conclusion. But more than all that, he has the right character and heart to serve us.

Mike thinks of himself exactly that way: a mere servant. He doesn’t seek attention, and he’s never cared at all about the awards and accolades. He just wants to help people and stand for principle. Mike comes from very humble beginnings, and he always remembers that. He reminds our children all the time we can do nothing without the grace of God. It’s that gratitude that drives him to “contend for the faith” and the timeless foundations of our country. Written on the first page of his Bible many years ago was this reminder: “God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called.”

When asked to introduce himself to an audience, Mike says, “I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a constitutional law attorney, a small business owner, and a lifelong conservative,” and that is how he lives. He loves God and he loves his country, and he’ll always stand for both. He admires the great leaders and gentlemen of the Founders’ era and previous generations, and he carries old-fashioned, Reagan-like notions of duty, responsibility and civility. I often laugh and tell him he was born 250 years too late.

Mike ran for office for the first time in early 2015, not because he wanted a title, but because so many people urged him to do it, believing that his wisdom and courage were needed in the Legislature. He got elected twice without opposition, and was recognized as a top leader from the first day he arrived in Baton Rouge.

Mike Johnson has never compromised his core principles or his integrity, and he never will. He has such a well-settled sense of purpose and character that he can’t be intimated or bought, and he truly operates without fear. I’ve seen him walk unshaken through the darkest of valleys and battles so intense that most men could not endure it. Mike has the kind of backbone and conviction that inspires courage in others, and that’s the mark of a real leader. He is always optimistic, and he never gives up. Mike is a true statesman, rather than a politician.

People admire my husband for his sincerity and temperament, and the way he treats others. They marvel at how he is able to work patiently with all people, and even his most entrenched opponents, to get things done. Mike never holds grudges, and he genuinely loves everyone. On countless occasions, I’ve seen his most prominent legal and political opponents publicly defend his honor, even when they vehemently disagree with his positions. (Mike keeps two inspirational pieces pinned to the wall next to his computer monitor: 2 Timothy 2:24-25 and Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If.”)

I’ve never seen anyone outwork my husband. Perhaps it’s because so few seem to care as much as he does about the things that really matter. Old friends from school still talk about his legendary stamina. Mike has this kind of inner drive that compels him when necessary to forgo sleep and every personal need for days on end to make sure a task is completed to perfection, and he never cares who gets the credit. As the next few years will bring some of the toughest battles for our freedom, these are exactly the kinds of traits that we need in the leaders we send to Washington.

One of Mike’s greatest strengths is his ability to communicate. God has given him a tremendous ability to speak and write, and to articulate even the most complex ideas in a way that everyone can understand. Those skills have served him well in his career in the highest courts and in the court of public opinion for the past two decades, and they will serve him exceptionally well in the nation’s capital. America desperately needs men of integrity who can communicate our positive conservative message and lead the people back to our founding principles!

Since Mike announced earlier this year that he would heed the call to run for Congress, we’ve received an overwhelming flood of encouragement, support and major endorsements. We’ve been humbled to hear from so many people that he is the first political candidate for whom they and their family have ever donated or volunteered. “Mike is just DIFFERENT,” they explain. That sentiment seems to be shared by everyone, from our youngest campaign volunteers to some of the top leaders in America. As conservative icon, Morton C. Blackwell, founder and president of the Leadership Institute, summarized in his enthusiastic endorsement, “Mike Johnson is the kind of candidate that only comes around once in a lifetime.”

I’m so grateful that others see in Mike what I’ve known for the nearly twenty years since we met. He is indeed one of a kind. In this election cycle---when the stakes for our country and the future of our children are so high, and our most fundamental freedoms are hanging by a thread—we need the skill, the experience, the courage and the character of a full-spectrum conservative champion who will never let us down. Mike is that man.

Ronald Reagan used to say there are three legs to the conservative ideological stool: fiscal, social and national defense conservativism. Mike is the only candidate in the race for Congress who has fought fearlessly, and taken arrows and earned unquestionable credentials, in all three arenas. As he always says, “Record matters more than rhetoric.” At the end of the day, that’s why people know they can trust my husband: not because of the many awards and endorsements he’s been given, but because of the scars he carries after so many years of fighting for the cause.

As we aim to finish this race strong, our family covets your prayers for wisdom, continued favor and protection. The children and I are delighted to walk with Mike in this great endeavor, and we trust the outcome to the Lord.

While our liberty and the very soul of our nation are in tremendous jeopardy, it’s not time to give in. In fact, we ought to be more motivated today than we ever have before. If we’ll stand up right now and fight for life, liberty and our core principles, we can bring about a true AMERICAN REVIVAL.

That’s why our family is in this, and we hope you will join in this cause.



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