Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

America is a nation of immigrants.  Like a gumbo, throughout our history we have enjoyed a distinctive blend of cultures from countries around the world.  Since our founding, the Seal of the United States has been emblazoned with the motto, E pluribus unum (“Out of many, one”), because we so greatly value this unique heritage.

However, as U.S. immigration laws have been increasingly ignored by the White House and by those coming in from abroad, a growing crisis has developed.  Our system is broken and it must be fixed.

As I mentioned in a previous email, the American people deserve real solutions, NOT cheap political talk. 

As your Congressman, I will:

Work to ensure our current immigration laws are once again enforced.

- Two centuries ago, John Adams famously explained the distinction between a republic and an empire, and summarized, "We are a government of laws, not of men."  Unfortunately, for years now, the Obama Administration has ignored the will of the Congress and the American people and refused to enforce existing U.S. immigration laws against those who willfully defy our common sense rules.  The first step in solving our crisis is simply enforcing the laws we already have on the books.  We need strong leaders in Congress who will advance the rule of law, share this truth, and take this important case to the people.  I will help lead this charge.

Oppose any form of amnesty for those who have broken our laws.

- The evidence shows that amnesty is not a viable solution to our immigration crisis. When Congress experimented with a mass amnesty bill in 1986, it actually encouraged more illegal immigration, and led to a reduction in enforcement and border security. Amnesty would not solve our problems, but rather delay the necessary reforms and further undermine our efforts to maintain the rule of law.  It would also cost American taxpayers trillions of additional dollars.  In 2010, for example, the average illegal immigrant household in the U.S. received $14,387 more in benefits than they paid in taxes.

Support efforts to strengthen our U.S. Border Patrol.

- As we work to enforce federal immigration laws again, we need to prioritize and empower those who are serving us on the front lines of the battle.  The U.S. Border Patrol (and U.S. Coast Guard) cannot adequately perform their important responsibilities unless our agents and officers are provided with sufficient manpower and equipment to complete their missions.  With additional agents and technology, such as drones, cameras and sensors, our men and women on the front lines will be better equipped to detect and prevent illegal immigrants, terrorists, human traffickers, drugs, terrorist weapons and contraband from entering our porous borders and endangering our people.

Cut off federal funding to “sanctuary cities.”

- In the Louisiana Legislature, I co-authored and helped lead the fight to ban "sanctuary cities" in our state, where a city decides it will simply ignore and defy our federal immigration laws and harbor those who are in this country illegally.  Self-declared sanctuary cities, like New Orleans, promote disrespect for the rule of law and irresponsibly create a dangerous situation by allowing criminals to flaunt our system.  I will champion legislation to ban all federal funding to these cities so they will once again comply with our law.    

Support economic policies that encourage development in Latin America and benefit the U.S.

- When the economies of our Latin American neighbors to the south are stagnant, illegal immigration rises.  We should encourage free-market economic reforms in Latin America so that greater opportunities there reduce the pressure on workers and their families to flee to the U.S.   


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