As your Congressman, I will:

Push for the Expedited Completion of I-49.

- This project has been delayed by political nonsense for far too long. We need a leader in Congress who can help get the completion of I-49 in our area across the finish line, and I am prepared to be that leader. I will fight to complete the remaining section in Northwest Louisiana, as well as the remaining route from Kansas City to New Orleans.

Begin the Next Phase of I-69.

- The interstate projects of I-69 and I-49 are both critically important to our region, and there is no reason we should sacrifice one for the other.  We must fight for both as top priorities, and I am prepared to go to Washington and get us moving with the next phase of I-69. In Northwest Louisiana, we must complete the Sections of Independent Utility (SIU) 14, 15 and 16, because that corridor will provide exponential resources to the Port of Shreveport-Bossier, Barksdale Air Force Base and a much-needed loop around the urban area of Shreveport and Bossier City.  As your Congressman, I will be fiercely dedicated to these priorities as a key to our future.

Protect and fund our ports and the J. Bennett Johnston Waterway Projects (Red River).

- The ports of Shreveport- Bossier, Natchitoches Parish and Red River Parish are extremely important to the economic growth and sustainability of our region, and we must continue to support them with necessary funding and further expansion.

- Further investment in the J. Bennett Johnston Waterway Projects on the Red River is also vitally important to us. Additional federal funds are needed to ensure that our river remains navigable to barge traffic, that essential dredging is completed, and that our lock and dam system is properly maintained.  Congress must hold the Army Corps of Engineers accountable for keeping our river navigable.

Fight to Complete Funding for the Bossier Parish Congestion Relief Plan.

- Bossier Parish is one of the fastest growing areas of our state. This rapid growth has caused severe traffic congestion, especially on Highway 3 (Benton Road) and Highway 3105 (Airline Drive). The increased congestion threatens future development in the area, and we must act now to ensure that new growth does not hinder further progress. Improvements and expansion of existing infrastructure will support further growth. From 2006-2010, federal funds were received to support the Bossier Parish Congestion Relief Plan, and I will work in Congress as to secure additional funding for this great need.

Reform the Highway Trust Fund.

- While the purpose of the Highway Trust Fund (“HTF”) is to increase mobility, improve safety and decrease congestion, more than 25% of those taxpayer dollars are spent off-mission, often on local pet projects around the country like recreational trails and landscaping projects.  While those can be important to local communities, they should be funded by sources other than the HTF.   By reprioritizing this spending, we can reduce waste and direct the funding where it is needed most.

Reform the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

- NEPA is a typical example of needless bureaucratic red tape that hinders real growth, especially as it pertains to our nation’s infrastructure improvements. We must reform this costly program and make sure it works to protect our environment without delaying progress.

Improve the use of Public-Private Partnership Agreements for Infrastructure.

- Well-crafted agreements between government and partners in the private sector can not only increase efficiency and spend in public infrastructure improvements, they can also greatly reduce the costs to taxpayers. Every increase in private investment in infrastructure projects is a benefit to the American people.  In Congress, I will work to expand these arrangements as an important matter of stewardship. 

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