Jobs and the Economy

Jobs and the Economy

America has always been known as the land of opportunity. In our exceptional country, any person who is willing to work hard, sacrifice, and play by the rules can make a better life. But today, that American Dream is slowly fading away, the opportunity enjoyed by previous generations is being threatened by a sluggish economy and an ever-expanding government bureaucracy.  In Louisiana and across the country, hardworking people are facing real financial hardships.

What we need today is a free market solution that makes economic mobility and opportunity readily available for everyone.  Evidence shows the best way to achieve this goal is to support what is best for middle and working-class Americans. If we can get that right, then we can widen the path out of poverty for more people, including the most disadvantaged members of our society.  

A system that protects economic freedom reduces the interference of government and allows for unfettered innovation, the creation of new jobs and economic growth. There should not be an “agenda for the rich” or an “agenda for the poor,” there should be one unifying economic agenda for all of us. Our tax policy ought to reflect that common spirit, and pursue the good of all.

As your Congressman I will:

Repeal and Replace Obamacare.  

- As so many of us predicted, the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) has proven to be a disaster. It has offered neither protection nor affordability, and indeed has resulted in exactly the opposite. Obamacare has driven up premiums and made the cost of doing business increase drastically. A recent Gallup poll estimated that at least one-fifth of small businesses in the U.S. have already had to cut millions of jobs because of the law. I will help lead the fight in Congress to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.

- We will replace Obamacare with a sensible new plan that is more patient-centered and market-based. Our plan will prevent government bureaucrats from interfering in the doctor-patient relationship and put healthcare decisions back in the hands of individuals and families. Free market principles can save our healthcare system, but we must allow them to flourish again.

Lead the Charge for a Balanced Budget.  

- At more than $19 trillion, the national debt now exceeds our gross domestic product (everything we produce annually in goods and services) and is completely unsustainable. Still, politicians in Washington ignore the crisis and continue to add additional mandatory spending, which increases risks of disastrous consequences in the very near future. Congress should be required to spend and borrow following the same logical principles as our families and small businesses. Since all of us have to balance our checkbooks, our nation’s leaders should be forced to do the same. We can no longer saddle our children and grandchildren with a debt they can’t possibly repay.  

Fight Tax Increases and Champion Tax Reform. 

- Our country desperately needs real, substantive reform to our tax code to make it simpler, flatter and fairer for everyone.  The best way to spark new growth in our economy is to reduce taxes and the oppression of our existing marginal tax rates.  Higher taxes place a growing burden on families, small businesses, job creators and investors, which weakens the economy by discouraging entrepreneurial risk, new ventures, savings and investment.  For the free market to flourish again, government needs to reduce its interference and enhance the incentives that encourage growth.

Support our Oil and Gas Industry.  

- Even as Louisiana struggles through our oil-based recession, some politicians are targeting the oil and gas industry for increased taxes and regulations. I will oppose any attempt to remove the intangible drilling costs deductions for our beleaguered producers, and champion every measure in Congress to further expand our domestic oil and natural gas production. This is critical to boosting our national economy, adding more jobs, and enhancing our national security interests.

Vote to Repeal Laws that Drive up Consumer and Producer Prices.  

- When the production of goods and services is overregulated by misguided policymakers it drives up prices for consumers, and stifles innovation and job creation. For example, the federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (“CAFE”) standards are a complex set of regulations that add approximately $3,800 to the price of every new vehicle sold. I will work to repeal these and many of the other major new regulations that ultimately decrease our standard of living.  Another example is the Davis-Bacon Act, which effectively requires every federal construction contractor to pay union rates. This mandate adds as much as 10% to the cost of construction projects at the expense of taxpayers.  A repeal of this law will allow for an increase in new infrastructure and tens of thousands of new jobs at no additional cost to taxpayers.  

Eliminate Unreasonable Licensing Requirements.

- According to the Heritage Foundation, as many as one-third of all jobs in the U.S. economy now require a government license to perform—and most have little or no health or safety rationale. In America, we shouldn’t need to obtain a costly permission slip from the government to go to work and provide for our families. Congress should do all in its power to make it easier for people to enter the workforce, not more difficult.

Continue to Support New and Emerging Technologies.  

- In a world with rapidly changing industries and advancing technology, as the last great national superpower, we have to adapt and work to stay ahead of the international curve.  If we advance this as a priority, we will improve our economy and bolster our national security efforts across the board.

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