National Defense

National Defense

At a time when our country is facing threats we have never experienced before, we need leaders who stand on a proven record and provide real solutions—rather than cheap talk. That is why I am prepared to lay out specific details over the next few weeks of what I will do as your next Congressman.  

We begin with an issue that is of great concern to virtually every American: our national security.  As a father of four, protecting my family and yours will always be my top priority. As your Congressman I will:

Support and grow Barksdale and Fort Polk, both located in the 4th District.

- Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District is home to two of our nation’s most important military installations, and protecting them will be among my top priorities as your Congressman.  We must support and expand these installations not only to properly defend our nation, but to protect our state’s economy.  In Washington, I will fight tirelessly to maintain all of the assignments currently located at our bases, and work at every opportunity to bring new ones here. 

The thousands of troops stationed in Vernon Parish at Fort Polk and the Joint Readiness Training Center, better known as “the Home of Heroes,” is a critical economic engine in southwest Louisiana. Ft. Polk creates an economic impact that exceeds $1.4 billion, and provides thousands of jobs. We must fight to maintain its stature and vigorously oppose any and all efforts to reduce the number of troops stationed here.

Like Ft. Polk, the impact of the 2d Bomb Wing at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, the oldest Bomb Wing in the U.S. Air Force, cannot be overstated.  Supplying an economic impact of over $750 million and employing over 10,000 individuals in the Shreveport- Bossier area, it is as vital to our regional economy as it is to our national security interests. The recent addition of our 4-star general to lead the Air Force Global Strike Command at Barksdale was a tremendous advancement, and I will work in Congress every day to provide the leadership needed to secure additional resources and infrastructure for Barksdale’s further expansion.

Focus on supporting our troops and building a stronger military. 

- A most critical constitutional duty of the federal government is to provide for our national defense.  Yet, over the past eight years, the Obama Administration has dangerously neglected this responsibility and foolishly reduced the size and capabilities of our Armed Forces. This neglect has increased the risks to our troops and our country. Because weakness invites aggression, we must strengthen our military again.

- In Congress, I will fight for new investment in military assets and preparedness, state-of-the-art equipment, and every resource needed to maintain our vital intelligence and security interests in an increasingly dangerous world.  

- Because research and development is so important to national defense, we must improve the existing collaboration between our military branches and their various organizations working in these areas.   

Recognize that radical Islamic terrorism, both foreign and domestic, MUST be stopped.  

- The first step in addressing our terrorism threat is recognizing there is one.  Too few politicians in Washington will call radical Islamic terrorism by name and acknowledge its unfathomable evil. I will, and I will devote every ounce of energy to ensuring that we protect the homeland and our interests abroad by advancing an aggressive agenda to identify and destroy this ruthless enemy.

- Part of our strategy in this battle must always be the commitment to hold the state sponsors of terrorism accountable for their actions.  We must strengthen our relations with allied nations in the Middle East, and pledge every measure of support to the nation of Israel—our faithful friend and the only stable Democracy in the region.  If we do not extinguish the threat of the terrorists in the Middle East, they will soon bring the fight to our soil.  The only way for America to maintain peace is through STRENGTH. 

- Because terrorism is a global threat to peaceful nations everywhere, we must enhance the sharing of vital intelligence domestically and with our international allies.  A willing coalition of nations must be involved to help the United States contain and eradicate the radical terrorist networks around the world.  

Fortify our nation against future threats by strengthening our cybersecurity infrastructure. 

- The threat to America’s cybersecurity is the latest frontier in the war on terror, and an emerging challenge that our nation must address with every available resource.

- I will fight to make this funding a priority so our military, intelligence agencies, and the U.S. Department of Justice have the resources they need to identify and prevent cyber attacks, and investigate and prosecute cyber criminals.   

- We must develop a more coordinated effort in this arena with our allies, and work with our international partners to develop a plan to reduce these increasing threats.    

- Here at home, we should further develop our information technologies and a cyber-driven  workforce to provide the resources and intelligence we need to stay ahead of other nations. 

- Because a large number of our electronic devices are manufactured overseas, we must develop a plan to protect our digital supply chain and ensure our enemies are prevented from using these devices to their advantage.    

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